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When do you put pictures of yourselve on your blog?


When do you put pictures of yourself on the Internet or your blog? Well I don’t think you should put photos of yourself on the Internet or your blog maybe of your class but not you.

When you put your picture on your blog people look at it and think I know that person or who is that. You might not want your picture on the Internet or your blog.

Thats what I think but you might have a different opinion.

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The Fete


On Saturday the 11th of September 2010 Soldiers Point Public School had a fete.At the fete thier was rides,stalls,food tents and lots lots more!

I went to the fete with one of my friends. We had a great time at the fete looking at the great stalls some of my favouritese were the painting stall,the second hand stall,the tombola stall and the hairspray stall.

At the painting stall I painted 4 frangipanies they were all yellow. At the hair spray stall I chose rainbow with sparkeles.

I think the fete was a great sucsess and we raised alot of money!!! 


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Where I Live


Port Stephens is a wonderful place to live.

Port Stephens is a peaceful place where the water meets the horizon. You never know you might even see a few dolphins.

The boardwalks are great for a relaxing walk maybe even a few sightings of koalas.Surrounding the boardwalk almost a jungle of bush.You could even bring a bike/scooter down.

The beaches have golden sands and lovely water that is nice and warm on a cold day and cold on a hot day which is very useful.

Port Stephens is a great place to explore.

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Why you should come to my blog


Do you want to know why you should come to my blog? If you do here’s my reasons!

First my blog is interesting and fun.

Second its got lots of information such as like how to make a mess in the kitchen, how bad school uniforms are and other things.

I try to keep my blog tidy and neat.

I hope you like it!!

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On Monday Alicia and I cooked Choc-chip muffins for the Cubs.

It was really fun, messy and a bit boring because of the washing up.

I started trying to mash the banana but I had no idea how to! So I swapped and peeled the apple instead.

Then I was the stirring person. So I stirred the egg, banana, brown sugar, salt flour, apple and chocolate chips in. The flour was hard to stir as Alicia ‘accidently’ poured all of it onto the bowl at once.

My leader says that we will have to go down to the shops, buy the ingredients, come back then cook all by ourselves.

Sounds hard doesn’t it, but that’s what being a scout is all about!

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Becoming a Scout


On Monday the 26th I become a scout!

If you’re wondering what on earth a scout is I will tell you. On The 1st of August 1907 Baden Powell started something called scouts. In scouts you go on camps, canoeing, outdoor adventures, rock climbing, spotlight, 24 home and much, much more!

On camps you have marshmallows cooked on the fire!

When I became a scout I wasn’t expecting it. It happened like this. After the opening parade one of my leaders called me over and (the exciting part) gave me a green shouldered scout shirt . I tried it on but Baloo (Dad) said I needed a bigger one to grow into.

All I did that night was help the cubs.

Next week we will have more activities!

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Hi I’m Megan and I’m going to tell you my personal opinon. I think we should wearr school uniforms on camps. Hang on! Did I just say that? Well I actually think the complete opposite.

We should’nt wear school uniforms on camps.

Firstly they’re boring,plain and uncomfortable.

Secondly shouldn’t school camps be like a holiday away from school, but with your stage?

Thirdly we could perhaps were bracelets (for girls) or watches (for boys).

Fourthly we already wear school uniforms at school but we only have a few days free of them.

Fiftly, you would’nt have enough uniforms for all the days of the camp.Plus there’s no washing machines at camp, and would it even go too far so we have to wear school uniform pj’s? YUCK!!!!!!!!!

Last (but not least , as they say), they would get dirty with all the activites.

So I hope I have convinced you that we should’nt wear school uniforms on camps.

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Volcanoes come in two different types:- water volcanoes and land volcanoes.  A volcano looks like a mountain with lava in it.

Magma:- magma is lava that escapes from the earths core.

Lava can be runny (that’s fast)and sticky (that’s slow).

Lava helps us in a way by creating land but, it also lets us down by destroying houses and sadly people are killed because the highest recorded temperature is 15,ooo degrees.

Animals always know when a volcano is going to erupt. When it erupts an enormus , grey -ash coloured cloud comes out. Red they say, is the colour of birth.There is a goddess of volcanoes.

There was recently a volcano erupting in The Icelands.

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What I have Learnt About Blogs


Blogs is great so far. I keep on learning loads of things.

I’ve been getting more ‘learning’ tasks each day!

In blogging I have learnt what I didn’t know before , like Creative Commons,a avatars, posts, commenting and videos!

Blogging is getting better and better every day.

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Murder Under the Microscope (MuM)


MuM is a fun way of  learning about animals, plants and places. MuM makes me want to learn more about the world.

Last  year when 5/6c did MuM, the victim was was the bee but they thought it was the butterfly right until the last set of clues came out. It was the victim due to habitat clearing.

In MuM there are 10 crime-sites,15 victims and 15 villains. Its hard to decide with all these choices.

This year we have narrowed it down to 3 victims 2 crime sites and 2 villains. We still have to think of two suitable answers.

5/6c work in pairs and report back to the class after research sessions.

I like Mum  because there are loads of animals I’ve never known before.

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